Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cooking starts next week.

The chicken casserole from last night was pretty good...I didn't understand why the cream of mushroom and cream needed to be cooked separately and served as a sauce on the side. I think just adding it to the casserole would have been just as easy and tasty. I may try that next time. Everyone liked it and the boys ate some of the green beans.

Tonight's recipe!?!?!? I don 't know! YIKES...I have a pork loin in the fridge, but I should have already put it on to cook before now...SO, I guess we are grilling chicken or maybe having low-fat hotdogs. Zach has to share his testimony in church tonight about Albania...he shared it this morning at the midday Wednesday night prayer meeting. As for supper this will probably be a hotdog night! LOL

School starts next week! I have all the "epuipment" ready for school. Zach says he is nervous about his senior year...I asked him while he helped me fold clothes...have you missed going "to school"...he laughed and said it's a little late now...HAHA .He has 3 courses to take to graduate plus he has added going to the gym everyday as part of his routine...He has a lot to do this year...taking the act or sat...looking at potential colleges...senior work.. teaching guitar lessons...taking voice lessons.. taking tuba lessons... going to band practices...and a variety of church work...CALGON!!!

Karlie is looking forward to dance class at HOME, and Shek is looking forward to keyboard class...he also wants to sign up for flag football at church, but so far I have not done that yet...I have so much to do...and here I sit at the computer... She has been requesting a desk for over a year...and I have been trying to find a nice one on Craig's list. So far...I have not found just the right one at the right price...but I know we'll find it soon...maybe after the garage sale in September....then she can have some money to work with to find the one like she really wants...

I hope the hotdogs are a hit with the family...Karlie has been requesting mozzarella cheese sticks from Kroger...tonight's meal will not be a Paula Deen Spectactular...but as Shek says it'll be edible.

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