Sunday, July 26, 2009


Growing up, my grandmother, Honey cooked everyday all day it seemed...she had a cookbook from a local tv cooking personality out of Monroe LA from the KNOE tv the margin of her cookbooks Honey always wrote a handwritten not that would say Excellent, Fair, Good, or forget it! We still have that cookbook and am glad for the reminders in the margin about her rating for each recipe. I can still remember the smells from her Mississippi kitchen...she still cooks today, and even cans a few veggies,but she does not cook to the extent that she used to, but she is in her 80' She has a rum flavored(out of the spice bottle not the alcohol bottle) pound cake that is out of this world..and a zuchinni bread recipe that my Karlie requests every summer when the zuchinni is fresh in the garden... I will have to post some of her long time favorite recipes as well, but I will have to find them first.

Do you enjoy cooking with a recipe or without? I have lots of cookbooks, but usually cook with out a recipe...when I cook that is. I can cook I just enjoy eating out. However, lately I am tired of the mediocre food, service, and high I have decided to break out the cookbooks and try something new everyday and go by the book...This will be a new adventure for me since I usually just wing it, so I am looking foward to the challenge. Karl and I found two Paula Deen cookbooks...and I hope to start with a new recipe from her book each day or either her magazine...since I have a subscription to it. I'll post the recipe and the outcome each day...(like those movie previews from the movie Julia). Also, since I am supposed to be doing WW...I will put the recipe through etools and calculate the points...Karl says he just wants some hearty let's see what happens...

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