Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shane's instead of Paula Deen

Wednesday...and church night does not work well with a big cooked supper. Zach shared his testimony about Albania at prayer I didn't get anything cooked...After church we opted for Shane's rib shack right at the corner of our street and Gam and Pop went too... I had my usual a 1/2 barbeque chicken sandwich with fried okra and fries...I always split this with Shek...he gets the fries and the other 1/2. Everyone else had their usuals too.

Tonight we are having Pork loin and I need to get it in the oven. I will not be using a recipe from a book, but rather from an old friend, Christy. She puts her porkloin in the oven on high for a couple of hours with barbeque sauce over it cover it with tin foil...after two hours on high...put it on 250 for several hours...It's always yummy, a family favorite, and EASY to fix....Don't know what side items yet.

I'll get back in the cookbooks tomorrow...School starts Monday...the kids want to go somewhere today...But where? It's raining last time I looked. What can you go do in the rain?

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