Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back to Blogging!!!

A lot is going on around here. It's Saturday morning and I am drinking Karl's coffee. I have never really liked coffee till I reached my 40's! I always loved Kim's Sunday morning coffee in the preschool area at church...I wondered what made her coffee taste so good...I watched her make it one day and found out her SECRET! Of course she uses Dunkin' Donuts coffee...we do too...but ours never tasted like hers...but her secret was a dash of salt and cinnamon in with the coffee grounds...I gasped as I saw her do this...She said it takes the bitterness away..So now we do this and add some good ole creamer and it's mighty fine...I actually like a 'little' coffee with my creamer~~and of course the REAL CREAMER with all the calories and fat is the best...but the fake stuff will do in a pinch!

We are getting ready for a HOME study to adopt! The things we have to do for our homestudy is 2 pages in length...This week I have to take my children to the doctor to prove that my current children are bright and early Wednesday we are heading to the doctor at 730 am for a well-checkup! NONE of them are excited about the prospect...Then later Karl and I have to go for the same thing! UGH...the doctor part is my dread too...I have to take the animals to the vet they have to be up to date on their shots...Emily is but Elvis is not...he always hides when I am rounding them up for the vet...I guess he can sense that if I am taking "him" for a car-ride that I am up to NO good! Well, we'll just take this homestudy adoption process one step at a time!

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