Monday, March 22, 2010

....the road to adoption...

I've had a heart for adoption for a while... I've always wanted to host the russian orphans when they come over in summer and december, but I have 3 healthy kids so I thought nothing more about it really. Also, having more "step" relations than real ones, the idea of "adopting as family" a non related person just comes natural.

Two years ago at age 40 we found out SURPRISE we're pregnant...we had just gotten used to that idea and then  had a miscarriage. This was the 2nd miscarriage I have had in my life, one at 28 the other at 40...miscarriages don't get any easier... same old heart breaking raw emotion... I told Karl I either wanted an English Bulldog or to adopt a child from China...he said he'd think about it...I said I'd rather adopt the child!

I've just always felt like someone was missing in our family...

His hold back has always been the financial part of I would just read adoption blogs, watch youtube gotcha videos and (cry)...I even sent off for various adoption packets for more info.

Around Christmas time, it just seemed that adoption was heavy on my heart and mind..and I was praying if God wanted us to do this thing to work it all out. I talked to several friends who had adopted internationally as well as emailed people in the blog world with questions about it...I talked to Karl about it yet again...he said I am open to it...and told you that 2 years ago, it's just the he looked into it at work...his company gives employees adoption help  and also, when i told him about the tax credit he was starting to be ok with the idea...then we found out the tax credit goes back down after this year....but  according to my representative they are working on having it stay at 10 for adoptive families...

Anyway...I kept praying and trying to keep my mouth shut so as not to nag him into it...I was praying for some kind of confirmation and on a Sunday morning after the Haitii earthquake Pastor Rick mentioned the orphans and who was going to take care of the orphans...I turned around in choir and looked at Karl...then that night he went to winter jam with Zach and some of Zach's friends...I knew Tony Nolan would be there and that he had just adopted from China and that he too had been adopted as a child...I thought the subject might come up at the when he got home...he said Tony Nolan brought his little girl out on stage and she said "help the orphans"...So he said I think maybe we are supposed to do this thing...even driving down the road he would see signs about adoption...where these signs have been before...I don't know...He said everywhere I turn it's adoption adoption adoption and china china china...( even while getting my nails done...the new spring colors were colors of China).

One time while writing in my prayer journal I said, God if you want us to do this then you are going to have to do some miracle working work on Karl ...this was before his winter jam concert....So the verse God led me to that day was...something like...I will show you miracles as the days when I brought you out of egypt. (I thought WHOA)

So we are working on our homestudy and all that paper work...hoping to adopt from the waiting list with minor special needs...And so far no one has said we are Crazy or anything! 

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