Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today was the big day for the kids' physicals needed for our homestudy! Zach had to have the "works" since he is almost 18, but  Karlie and Shek only had to have the basic well-kid checkup! SO, when Shek found out that he had to encounter bathrooming in "the cup" for NO REASON...he was a little upset!

We were there for 2 hours bright and early this morning at 730. Our PA, Mark, was great...he even worked out a refund for me since Karlie's and Shek's physical was not the "big deal" like everyone else's has to be.... THE AWESOME GREAT NEWS IS....Zach no longer has a heart murmur! He has had a VSD since his one week old baby checkup I was whisked away to the hospital for a heart check...needless to say I was a pretty upset young first time momma  back's something we have had to watch over the years....meds before dentist checkups...etc etc...We were told it would probably grow up by age did we kept a watch on it! In fact 2 years ago, we went for a routine check up at the heart doctor ( a new one we had never seen before)...he wanted Zach to consider open heart surgery!!!.I thought he was a QUACK...because his reasoning for surgery was so that when Zach was older he would not have a "pre-existing" condition and would have a better chance at getting life insurance!!! I thought the life insurance folks won't wonder why that big zipper is down the front of his chest?!?! He did not have the surgery...and we planned to never go back to that quack of a doctor...we knew he was a quack because he (a doctor) was for the govt. med plan!

Long story short...Zach had a major problem with warts on his thumbs over the summer...they had been burned off 2 times by the PA then 2 times by the derm. doctor...they kept coming back until a friend of mine, Carrie Ann prayed over them and also, a friend of Zach's, Spenser and his Dad prayed over them...they never came Zach asked Spenser to get his dad, Pastor Boice, to pray about his murmur.

Well today...the PA listened...he said...I don't hear a murmur...He said I am no cardiologist, but I can't hear one...I said it's not going swosh swosh?  He said no...He checked Shek as well....who had what is called an innocent murmur...couldn't hear that one either....Zach told the PA...he said...well, I have been prayed over so it must be gone! PRAISE THE LORD! When we got home, I said let me listen to your chest. In the past his murmur was so loud that I could hear it with my ear next to his chest  with out a I listened...I said, "IT BEATS!"...his heart has never sounded like that...he's never had a thump de thump only a swosh swosh...NOW, folks...believe me....MY GOD is GOOD...HE is SOMETHING ELSE!!!And if you don't KNOW HIM... YOU ARE A FOOL!

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