Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peace for a woman's soul...

Yesterday as I was about to head out the door to go to a funeral visitation, I felt a nudge to grab an old book of mine and take it with me. My prayer was that the book could bring some comfort to the mom who had lost her son. So I went in the study thumbed through the book noticing some of my favorite passages, and underlines. I  found the book Peace for a Woman's Soul  about 3 years ago. The book is full of scripture about peace, as well as quotes from various authors. One of my favorite quotes that I underlined and even re-wrote on the back cover was, Dare to believe that he has greater things right around the corner....don't let your ability or inability to think your way around circumstances hold you back. Pray and rest. Then pray some more. Barbara Johnson" Since it was a gift book,  it had one of those presented to pages in the front. Since I bought it for myself, I actually filled it in. As I was reading it yesterday, I noticed it said, Presented to Me, from Myself, for the Occasion, of dealing with a 2nd miscarriage 2/08.

When I grabbed it yesterday, for one last look at the book that had given me some comfort during a very grievous time, I noticed that under that presentation page, I had at sometime gone back and scribbled in this...
"God Blessed us with Jolie through adoption...Feb 2011..."

Did you see that?

3 years later...







blessed us with


God is faithful...He is always something else...He continues to show up, and bless.

Joy does come in the morning.

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