Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A whole lot of culture going on up in here...

This past weekend was jam-packed with recitals, choir and band performances and even a baseball game. In fact we had so many different performances involving all of our kids, that Karl went to one performance on Friday night and I went to the other. We both hit the one on Saturday night (after Shek's baseball game) and then dashed to a battle of the bands, where Zach had been asked to be the headliner...
wow...we couldn't have put another event  on our calendar to attend last weekend...
at least
experienced a variety 
 performance arts this week...
We listened to a 'concert' of recorders, (yes, recorders!)
Those students played in between the dance performances...
we saw numerous dances
very entertaining...
and then
hard/rock to contemporary worship...
My senses were on overload this weekend..
SO  there's nothing like a little 
waffle house afterwards
help balance it all out.

Shek's choir

This is a photo of one of the dance instructors dancing with her oldest son. I thought it was special to see them dancing together before the performances. It seems that one of the dancers had a family emergency so Mrs. Jennifer was stepping her son through the dance steps (tango) so that he could fill in at the last minute. They danced so beautifully together, and the fact that it was a mother with her college-age son...well, you know I  am all sentimental and all that so I snapped a few shots. Don't you know that their mother/son dance will be awesome when ever he gets married !
Lyrical ballet
There's my Karlie doing the tango
The high school early morning tappers...something about teenagers and early morning just doesn't seem  to go together...My applause to anyone who can function as well as dance at 8 am!!!
Rushed over after the dance recital to see my son and his band play as the feature band at a battle of the bands. Just going to say it and step on my soap box, battle of the bands audiences, should always hush during a prayer~ it's not only common courtesy to those around you, as well as to the person praying, but also it's courtesy/reverence to the LORD. 

Life is beginning to settle down now...just a few school weeks, a few finals, and a few field trips. and then we 


  1. What a great post~ LOVE seeing all your amazing children are doing!!! Blessings and love! XO

  2. That is a lot of great activities and business! Looks like a successful weekend:)


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