Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cupcakes in the house?

Everyday during 'school' Jolie likes to watch youtube videos on my iphone of none other than cake decorating tutorials. Sometimes I wonder if she wants to be the next cake boss. So today, while at the grocery store I snagged some cake ingredients when no one was looking and brought it home. Because baked goods are so tempting to  us and especially me, I don't bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies...etc very often. SO, when I told Jolie she could make cupcakes if she got Karlie to help her, she was extremely excited.

Jolie loves to taste the batter.

 Jolie is definitely a taster when she bakes.
 Cupcakes are smile makers.
The girls made rainbow cupcakes. At our former church, Karlie made cupcakes for the girls' in her core group. I remember that she watched a rainbow cupcake tutorial too. There's something about those cake DIY videos that makes you want to DIY.

 We made homemade blue icing, to match "Cinderella's" princess dress. Cause Jolie still thinks her momma is actually the blue matches me because I am Cinderella. GOT. TO. LOVE. THAT!
Yummy! It's nice to break the rules and have  some cupcakes up in the house...sometimes.


  1. Yummy yummy!!! We have to make cupcakes today too!!! XOXO

  2. Emmy loves, loves, loves to help me bake. But, I'm the same way. I have no will power for baked goods, so I'm better off just keeping them out of my house. However, I did just find this recipe:

    I'm going to pair it with this topping using sugar free pudding:

    I did the macros and it's only about 100 calories per cupcake (24)

    1. Yummy! Will have to check out a low
      Cal alternative


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