Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo Shoot Fun

Karlie loves all things fashion, and makeup. She is enjoying her second year with Pure Fashion and one day she emailed Mrs. Brenda, the founder of PureFashion and asked her advice about how to be a model. Mrs. Brenda told her about Modeling Images. After talking with them, they help potential models make up a portfolio, and post their photos on their website, and when potential modeling opportunities arise for the different models they are then contacted and sent to auditions for this and that. After the initial meeting with Modeling Images on Saturday, we went back yesterday so that Karlie could get her photos made for the portfolio.

You know this momma could not get out of there without a few snapshots to document the day. This event had blog post written all over it. Here are some photos that I snapped of the whole process with my iphone. We get to see the real photos in about a week, we are little, a lot  excited to the see them.

Getting ready! I liked the cute little pigtails that Gina did to go with this outfit.

Jamie takes a lot of photos, and tells Karlie not to blink. I guess that blinking thing is  hereditary, her momma does that too, flash or not. LOL
I snapped photos with my phone between the 'real' shots. All of the expressions I captured were usually serious expressions. 
Photos out by the railroad tracks.

The dressing room!

I liked the bright colors by the rustic door down in the old town area.
The wind kept blowing hair stragglers in the face.

We had a very fun day with the Henrys of Modeling Images and can't wait to see the finished product.


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