Monday, April 23, 2012

Honey turns 39....again

When I was a little girl, I would ask Honey how old she was. And the answer was always the same, "39!" And I believed her...I even commented to her that my bus number was the same number as her age. So to this day, I remember at least one of my school bus numbers from back in the day.

Honey's birthday, according to her mom, Granny Creel, was April 23. AND for most of her life that was the day it was celebrated on. Then one day, for some crazy reason, her birth certificate was needed and it was noticed that her birthdate on the official birth certificate was not the 23rd but the 22nd. SO now we just celebrate her birthday for a couple of days.

We all had dinner and cake on Friday night, to celebrate her 39th...again! Ya know what? I think I will be celebrating my 39th this year too.
Karlie usually bakes the birthday cakes around here, but she was in driver's ed. all day, so we let Publix do the honors this time.
 Honey with her 39th birthday cake
 No family birthday is complete without the official candle lighter, Shek, at your service.
Happy Birthday, Honey!
and to Shakespeare too.
Another famous fellow shares your birthday too.


  1. Glad you got to celebrate another 39th birthday! :) And a Publix cake? Definitely a great second choice!


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