Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy with my hi-tops!

Today we went shopping...I've been searching for some hi-tops for Jolie ever since she grew out of the brown ones from last year. The cute brown hi tops with the flowers on the side were the shoes we took with us to China, and she loved them. It was a sad day when she out grew those.
A new Baby/Toy story opened up in my town, and would you believe it...the pink hi-tops or "chucks" were there! 
She wanted a new outfit too,she said, "pease" momma! She was torn between the Disney princesses outfit and the Disney Mermaid outfit. She still says that Belle is Karlie and Cinderella is Momma.. She finally decided on the mermaid one.  

On our way to grab a bite to eat, Karl snapped a few photos of Jolie in her new outfit and shoes....because she was posing and modeling in the driveway. She has learned all of this posing with new clothes from her big sis.

Happy Sunday!

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