Sunday, April 8, 2012

Celebrating Easter~highlights of the day

Dying Easter Eggs are not my favorite thing to do. But these two seem to really enjoy dying the eggs.
Easter Basket goodies...chocolate for Breakfast anyone?

The Easter Family Shot. 
Gam made this for Jolie. It's flowers with rolo centers. Rolos have become one of Jolie's  favorite candy requests.
 Say Cheese with your flowers.
 Gam and Pop gave Shek a bunny full of money. I think he likes it.
 Chocolate from Gam. She always makes creative stuff. I just throw it all in a basket. lol
Zach likes his goodies from gam and pop

 Me and the sweetie
 Finding eggs.
 I found one!
 Karlie hid the eggs this year.
 Here's the kids with the grands! I did not get out the dreaded tripod to get an entire family group shot. There's something about the tripod that brings out the groans in the kids.
 Just the girls!
 Shek searches for eggs.
 Gam made Jolie a new bow.
 Finding eggs is fun...just a hop skip and a jump.

We've had a wonderful Spring Break and are about to head in to a busy APRIL, my calendar is quite booked up, and I am thankful that I only have to focus on one day at a time.
Easter Sunday has been a great day of family fun and  we are about to head to church @5pm 
for Easter Service.

He is risen!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family!
    Happy Easter to all of you!

  2. LOVE your pics too!!!! That bow is just divine!!!!

  3. Beautiful photos! The bow is so very cute!

  4. What a GREAT Easter!! Love her little dress & hair bows


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