Sunday, April 22, 2012

PureFashion Show Highlights 2012

Today! Was! The! BIG! Pure Fashion Show that is the highlight of the year for all the girls, leaders and families involved with the group. We spent the whole day at the Forum, as Karlie had to be there bright and early this morning to get ready with the rest of the girls. Each girl had their hair and make up done prior to the show, as well as getting lunch...just a whole lot of fun. We window shopped till lunch time while the girls were making the preparations for the day.

PureFashion was highlighted on The Forum Sign
Two of my sweeties paused while we window shopped. It was rather cool and windy this morning and I was thankful Shek brought and extra jacket. Jolie was very happy to borrow it, since her momma had dressed her in a sleeveless top.

Jolie likes to pose with everyone...don't ya love my shades I saw them on pinterest.
Shek said while I was busy with my camera and instragam photos, that Dad tripped on the steps while Jolie was on his shoulders. He said, he basically just landed gracefully on the top step and had a seat, and Jolie never realized that he tripped up. Thank goodness the fall was not bad. God IS good!

This is the definition of PF in the PureFashion Program
It's an international faith-based program, headed up by the Catholic Church, but other faiths or welcome to participate. I am glad that they let us Baptists join in the fun.

It was a very nice day for an outdoor fashion show.

Jolie poses with Gam when she and pop arrived to see the show.
We got first row seats to the runway.

Mrs. Brenda Sharman, founder and spokesperson for Pure Fashion.
 Karlie hits the runway.
 Yes, you can look cute, hip and happening, and MODEST all at the same time.
 It's refreshing to see a group of 40 girls in this group wearing cute fashions with out showing all of their parts. I know guys are wired differently than girls....and seeing "parts" effects them differently than girls, but to be honest with you...the last thing I want to see is another woman's /girl's cleavage, or hiney...
Cover it up!
Every woman, and young girl should follow the PureFashion guidelines for dressing modestly yet fashionable.
More models

Karlie headed back up the run way.
The final walk through.
Marie Miller sang. Really loved her personality and songs. 
We bought her cd and Shek got her to sign it. 

She said she had been homeschooled, and was thrilled to hear that Shek is homeschooled too.
 It's always encouraging when your dad hugs you and tells you how proud of you he is.

Karlie and her PF friend. 
 After it was all done, We headed for pizza, Karlie's favorite. Gam and Karlie pose after we eat some really good pizza.
Today was a fun-filled day.

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  1. What a fun and beautiful day! Thanks for sharing.


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