Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spur of the Moment Trip

Karl and I had been talking about taking a quick day trip. We said we were just going to get up one morning load up the kids and not tell them where we were going till we were well on our way. We had wanted to go to Savannah, but there was a tropical storm brewing and we decided to go  the other direction and went to Chattanooga instead. Karl had a coupon for his birthday at his favorite BBQ place in Chattanooga. We did load up this morning and take off, but we did give the heads up to the kids last night. Everyone was excited.
Karl enjoyed his free birthday ribs...and the rest of us enjoyed a splurge too.
We enjoy walking around the downtown area of Chattanooga and always end up at the riverfront.
Jolie and Shek were anxious to wade in the water...
Look at my sweeties. Aren't they cute?
Someone was leaning over my shoulder while I was scrolling through the photos, so I snagged our photo while she was hugging me.
Someone had wet feet, and big bro. didn't want to get those wet feet on his this is why he's holding her at an arms length.

My girls sitting by the river.
My crew sitting by the river in the hot boiling sun...everyone needs shades.
Standing by the river's edge, Shek was a little nervous.
My two oldest...only 3 years apart in age...
The kids love to visit Chattanooga cupcakes before coming back home. Shek had the domino cupcake, the girls got key lime cupcakes. I just had a taste of their cupcakes.
I think Shek's photo could make a great advertisement for Chattanooga cupcakes.
We thought the mellow mushroom sign was really cute.
 Here's a photo of me and the KARL...
Jolie really loves flowers and we saw these beautiful pots of flowers along the sidewalks of the downtown area. Maybe she will have a green thumb, and help us grow beautiful flowers like these.

TODAY was a really pleasant day for a spur of the moment trip...

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  1. Chattanooga is a FAVORITE spot with wonderfully-happy memories for me!! I surprised my hubby with a weekend trip one year to Chattanooga, and we spent it at the Hilton very close to the riverfront, also close to the Imax theater; part of our fun for the weekend included a dinner cruise on the "Southern Belle" riverboat, which was SO wonderful and romantic! We enjoyed a rainstorm one night while we were there too. I always loved surprising David with mini-trips like that; we have enjoyed river boat cruises in Chattanooga, Savannah and Nashville! Glad y'all had fun, great pictures!! :)


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