Sunday, September 30, 2012

"I just wanna see his face."

Parent weekend was this weekend at Zach's college. SO we left Friday with the intent on coming back yesterday, but we decided to stretch out the visit and stayed until Sunday. While there I snapped lots of photos. The campus is just full of persons, places and things begging to be photographed.
 I loved this photo of the bell tower.  It's beautiful in daytime, but I loved how it looked at night. I took it on our way to the School of Music Concert. In fact I took it with my real camera and with my iphone, I had to instagram it too ya know...

For the Parent/Family weekend, the School of Music had a special concert and each of the ensembles were featured. Lots of talented people were singing that night. Here's a  photo of the POPS ensemble that Zach is in.
A photo of all my children....Jolie has been missing Zach and she has been saying, "I just wanna see Zach's face!" 

More Nashvegas photos tomorrow....

Ni Hao Yall

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