Thursday, September 27, 2012

Konos Kids Field Trip

At Shek's Homeschool Konos Group, they have been studying about frontiersmen, such as Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark. One of the parents of a classmate is a taxidermist, and invited the class out to learn more about the art of preserving animal hides.
Here are some of the class checking out some of the many trophies displayed in the office.

 Shek did a report on a bobcat just last week, so I snapped a photo of this one.
Awesome black bear, I don't want to run into one that's live.
 Smarter than the average bear.
 The kids were pretty fascinated with the  LION.
 Shek and his friends take a closer look

 Here's a photo of the teacher snapping photos.

 Shek takes a photo of the teacher with the fox hide around her neck.
 The taxidermist explains the process in preserving hides and mounting the animals.
 Here's a group photo of those from the two classes that were able to come to the field trip.
 Shek and some of his friends
It's ok, he doesn't bite!

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