Thursday, September 13, 2012

Someone turns 20

Someone turns 20 on September 13. First ever birthday that we've not been in the same area on that birthday. Since he was home for Labor Day weekend, we celebrated before he headed back to school.
Publix cakes are pretty awesome
Shek lights the candles and jolie loves to sing happy birthday
Afterwards, we all posed for some photos, it was raining so we just settled for a backporch photo shoot.
my hair looks like I've stuck my finger in a socket, but noone is looking at me. lol
Gam and Pop with Zach and Jolie
Zach and Honey
Zach and Caylene

Hope Your 20th birthday is extra special, Zach, even though you aren't getting to see your sweet momma and dad and the rest of the crew on the day of your birth.


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