Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet Gus and Amy

I've been wanting a grey cat for a long time, ever since our Elvis died a couple of years ago. He was the best cat ever, and he was grey...apparently he was a russian blue, because he was HUGE at 17lbs. and quiet the lovable teddy bear.

A lady that lived down the road had some grey cats for free, and we went by by to take a look. She had a boy and a girl. Jolie seemed to like the girl right away, and I have always liked boy cats the best so what did we do? Deep from my gut and out of no where, I said, Can we take them both? And that's just what we did.

I was a little, I mean a lot concerned on what Karl's reaction would be. He knew I was going to get 1 cat , but 2?...So when he came home, I finally brought the box over to show him the two cats, and he said so this is what you've been uptight about? I didn't think I had been noticably uptight, but apparently this man knows me better than I know myself.  All he said was I thought we were getting one? and he also said, you must have needed two and since their yours and you take care of them I'm fine with glad my hubby is a laid back understanding kind of guy. Guys don't get any better than mine...he's just the bomb!

SO meet Gus and Amy. Gus is named after the little cute mouse on Cinderella...and Amy is named after Amy on Lizard Lick towing. Em, our dog has been very interested in them and actually crawled in the box yesterday and laid down with them. When I got up to get the camera she jumped out, so I did not get that photo, but if she does it again, I will be sure to snap  that photo.

This is AMY
This is GUS
Shek and Gus
Look who got in the box with the kitties.

I pray that these kitties will love their new life with us, and be the best little kitties ever.

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