Monday, October 18, 2010

Air Show!

This Saturday we loaded up at the crack of dawn to get to Dobbins Airforce base for the Air show. The blue angels and the snow birds were there plus a variety of other air show fun stuff. There was lots to see and do. And since we got there early we were able to get seats right next to the runway fence. The sun was bright (very bright) was a good show. My youngest loved it. My oldest wanted to go but had to work and my middle girl (she could have done without

Canadian Snow birds

                                                 Shek on the shuttle bus!

                                                    blue angels parked in the background

                                                 Karlie says this is the car I want!

                                                   Gam Pop and Karlie...this was before the big crowds and before it got really hot.

                                                          jet car...glad we had earplugs

                                                I didn't catch the airplane in the photo...but there's its smoke!

                                              On our way to wait in the shuttle bus line for 1hour and 1/2, Shek posed for this photo...

It was a fun day! A long day...and we ended it by meeting up with Zach at Mellow Mushroom for Karlie's favorite meal...Pizza!

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