Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog has a new look

So, my blog has a new look. I have changed the banner about three times. I think I finally like it. It's the best it will look without "professional help" and I am good with out that!

I am "proud" of myself for finally figuring out how to put new photos in the banner thing from shabby blog. I did have to watch the tutorial like 3 times, but hey... repetition helps one learn, at least it helps this one learn! HA

There's not much to post, but plenty going on. Just waiting for LOA, and praying it arrives soon. We are ready to go to China. and get her. My agency says there's nothing to do right now while we wait...but wait. Karlie's passport came in yesterday...out of the blue. It's only been 2 weeks, they told us 4 to 6 weeks. She was very excited about it. Then Shek says, we need to get mine now, what if I change my mind and decide to go to.


  1. Nice new look... I'm in the middle of getting mine re-done, after winning a blog make-over from a gal who is starting her own business to help raise $$ for an adoption. So many decisions. So many choices. I hope I don't miss the "freebie" and te fun of changing out mine with the online stuff that's out there.

  2. getting a blog makeover sounds wonderful...Can't wait to check it out when you get it done.


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