Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jolie update

Last week we sent a care package to Jolie through redthreadchina. We sent the Pj package plus we added the photo teething ring so she could get used to what we all looked like. She really doesn't need a teething ring, I guess. The report says she has 9 teeth now...but at least she can hold it and look at us...LOL

                                      Here's a photo of the care package that Ann from Red Threads sent us. There's pjs,
                                    a blanket and a stuffed animal and photo teething ring for Jolie. There's also candy for
                                     her foster family and a camera that I hope they will use to take some photos of Jolie.
                                   Ann also sent us 3 photos of Jolie, we already had 2 of those photos from her referral,
                                   but there was one that we had never seen.

                                            Here she is all bundled up. I am wondering if the weight they
                                             sent us was taken with this many layers on! Her height report
                                            has her at 33 inches tall at 16mo. old. Can we just go get her already? Her 
                                            family needs her here.

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  1. Completely precious!!!!! I know you are aching to get her. I remember well those feelings and can promise~ you will forget it all once she is in your arms!!! Blessings as you wait!


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