Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Warriors UNITE

Please agree with us in Jesus' Name that we will receive our LOA(letter of acceptance) from China very soon so that we can proceed with the next steps to complete Jolie's adoption. We are more than ready to go.( well we are not packed or anything, but it won't take us to long to get packed, but we are READY!)

The Bible says, and my preacher quotes all the time that "You have not cause you ask not." AND  I am asking! I am praying for that LOA to come in soon...and I am asking for the other paper work to happen speedily too. The verse I got from the Lord just the other day was, "Is anything to difficult for me?"

I am praying and asking for favor with God and man that we can get this waiting done and get our baby girl home. Please pray diligently with us!

Blessings to you!
Zach's, Karlie's, Shek's and soon to be Jolie's Mom!

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  1. Agreeing with you in prayer!


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