Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Making Bows and headbands for Jolie

Today after church we headed over to Gam and Pop's house for Sunday dinner. After lunch, Gam made bows for some headbands for Jolie. The "girls" in the family watched while the boys in the family either napped on the couch or shot bb guns with Pop.

Yesterday, Karl and I went to a local craft store and picked up some items to make hair bows for Jolie. My mom is crafty and creative and a bow maker extraordinare.

                                                    The Materials!

                 Here's my mom aka (Gam) in  her craft room.
                                               She has an awesome craft room.
Gam models a finished  head band! LOL

Here's 4 generations with the finished bows.

We were matched to our daughter on September 20. If you would like to read the post about her, read this post. Also, after receiving our PA last Wednesday, a friend of mine read that we are naming our girl Jolie.
Read this extraordinary post about how she was inspired to paint names meaning lovely things in other languages. "Jolie" was one of those names she painted and at the time she thought it odd that she was inspired to paint it. I am glad she was obedient to His leading. Read about that here.
Here's Jolie! Don't you think those headbands will be darling in her hair? Can we please, pretty please just go to China and get her? 

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. So very cool when God does a little lovin' on His people like that :) What a great story!

    And those head bands are adorable. Does she make them to sell? What a cute fundraiser they'd be!


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