Thursday, September 30, 2010

A God Wink!

Yesterday, when we were finally PA (pre-approved), I posted Jolie's photo on facebook and my status sent everyone to the blog to read more about her and see more photos. My friend, Dawn, checked out the blog and discovered her name and this is what she wrote on my facebook wall:

How cool is this? A few months ago, I decided to paint some canvases with beautiful words, which meant lovely things, (in other languages), with girlie animal prints for backgrounds. One was amour and one was jolie! I'm bringing it to you.

She  met me after church and handed me a beautiful box with a beautiful painting of my girl's name. Isn't God cool and awesome to direct her to paint my girl's name just a few months ago. So this was a God thing a little "wink" from Him! Thanks, Dawn for following His leading!

Dawn is an artist. I have known her since the very first day I stepped foot in our church (back in 1996)...She is a sweet, sweet, Christian friend and I am tickled to have a piece of her artwork to hang in Jolie's room...
I made her get out of the car so that we could have a kodak moment and her daughter Hayes took our photo...I said we have to take a picture for the blog! So in the church parking lot and in the dark we had our photo made with my phone.

 Like I have said before, it's all God's anyway, but the way he presents us with special gifts always knocks my socks off! He always amazes me.... Thanks, Dawn for painting Jolie for us! We will treasure it always! And Thanks to God for the God wink!


  1. Martha!!! Quit making me cry!!! It is so awesome that our God sees so much more of the picture than we do and HE cares about those little things. Not really little but in the grand scheme of things a little miracle of confirmation!!! Just what you needed from a very talented friend!! I love it!!!

  2. Now is that a God sighting or what? Oh my. That just brings great joy to my soul that My God cares about Jolie and He showed Himself to you that day. God bumps all over the place.

  3. Aww, thanks for the kind words, Martha. I had no idea why I was inspired to paint this, several weeks ago. I even thought it odd at the time. I hope you all enjoy it. We look forward to meeting Jolie. Love, Dawn


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