Saturday, September 25, 2010

facebook withdrawals...and God's provision

Facebook has been my "hobby" for the past little while...why I don't know...I like seeing everyone's photos...catching up with relatives that live far far away and seeing old classmates again that I have not seen in 25 years....but I have decided to take a "leave of absence" from facebooking, leaving comments and checking out photos. I will miss the checking in, but I will not miss the negativity that I sometimes see there. It's not worth getting my dander up, and so a break is what I need. I will continue to update my blog...cause now things are getting exciting around here...what with getting "matched" with our baby and awaiting PA...and then and then and then....

God's continued blessing on my family and I always amazes me...HE always amazes me...I stand in amazement...and usually tears...cause I am a liquid praiser...LOL

Just yesterday, a friend from HOME of Fine arts...called me and said...hey I am at the consignment sale and everyone is picking up their stuff  that didn't sale, as well as getting their checks...there's a lady here with scads of baby girl clothes that did not sale that might just work for your new little one...I am getting them for you...the lady is just giving them away. ...and she said if they don't work...I can give them to someone else...Now isn't God something else? YES HE IS!

Today, Karlie and I ran to Kohl's with a coupon that Gam gave her for 10 bucks off...she found some cute jeans on sale..then a shirt that i thought was 50% off and a cami to go under the shirt from  the 70% off rack...we noticed when she tried on the sweater blouse that it had belt loops but no belt...I went back to the rack...there were no others like it, so I couldn't trade it out. It was the cutest little blouse and we wanted it with or without the little i went to customer service. She was going to call someone to look for the belt, but I said we still want it can you just take something off the price...she said sure thing I can take 20% off...the clerk "rang it up" the blouse was on  more clearance than I originally thought  and with the extra percentage off, it was $6.80!! YEAH, that's what I am talking about!...then the little cami was like 3 bucks...and then the 10 dollar off coupon made it all even better... she has a cute outfit and it was just GOD's special little gift...It's all from Him...but sometimes the presentation in which He gives is what knocks your socks off....

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