Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a List.

1. Today is Friday.
2. Caleb is funny and a joy to see every Friday at HOME of fine arts
3. Karl has a cold...
4. I don't like it when he's sick.
5. Went to the grocery store, sams,  the dollar store after HOME of finearts.
6. Saw the good year blimp today with was flying over Sams
7. The race is this weekend.
8. A friend gave us FREE tickets to the Race...shek is tickled.
9. I didn't get an email stating that our dossier went to china today.
10. I pulled off all my acrylic nails...
11. This is labor day weekend.
12. We are helping with feed  the homeless Monday night.
13. I should be drilling science facts into Karlie.
14. And history facts...since she is having a test in both subjects this week.
15. I don't teach her Science and History
16. I don't give tests or homework over breaks....
17. Zach and band plays at Festival of LIGHT Sunday
18. I walked 5 miles yesterday.
19. I am watching Camp Rock 2 with the family.
20. Zach has a friend that looks just like Nick Jonas and he plays drums and guitar too...
                                          Here's an old photo of Zach and his friend they were helping with preschool worship at VBS and goofing around with caps and tiaras...don't you think he could be Nick's body double?

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