Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today, Shek had his first soccer game of the 830am! Yikes!

                                                                   He is the second guy over...number 9.

In just little while, Zach and Karlie showed up...they said to watch Shek play soccer, but they 'thought' we would take them out for chickfila afterwards...but they had to settle for mom's kitchen!

                                           Win or lose ....the teams always get a popsicle after the game..

While they were there, Zach helped attach the big flag on the pavilion for tomorrow's Festival of Light at church. Since he is afraid of heights, imagine how surprised we were when across the soccer field we see him appear on the roof! LOL so of course I had to document the event with my camera phone.
                                         Zach and Ryan on the roof...Zach said he was a little nervous! LOL
                                          Karl is holding the flag until they tie it off so the wind won't carry it away.
                                              Karlie is just watching the whole ordeal...and Shek is avoiding my camera as much as possible..I  was there too, but there was no picture proof of that!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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