Thursday, September 9, 2010

random list cause it's easy

1. Got up early...took Karlie to her "history" class that she takes out.
2. Prayed long and hard and read the Bible when I got back home.
3. Walked with Leslie Sansone for 2 miles..
4. Picked up Karlie who said Can we eat out or get a snack ...I have 3 dollars?LOL
5. Kids and I scoured the house for loose change...
6.Went to Kroger and turned change into cash using the coin thingy.
7. Had to wait in line for a long time while an elderly woman bought lottery at a time! WHAT?
8. Met Gam and Pop at BC's pizza and found out that they had already bought our meal...
9. Came back home to get the rest of school done only to get in a fender bender on the way home.
10. At red light, I saw a truck turning the corner with an empty trailer that was wobbly and then when he turned
11. the Trailer didn't go with him but came to see moved us 3 feet over and messed up my bumper...
12 shook us up
13. But all is least i get that bumper did have a big scratch on it where i got to close to the sideof the garage.
14. email from Josh saying we are DTC (dossier to china) NO match yet, but atleast it's to china...
15. bout to go walking with Melissa.
16. I need divine intervention.
17 Thanking GOD for His protection...and the fact that He never fails me...and that He keeps on making a way for me... He is good all the time.

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