Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lisa Marie?

Back in May, this little kitty followed Melissa and I while we having our daily walk over behind the high school.. This kitty was so little and running along with us like a little dog. I couldn't leave it on the busy road where school buses I brought it home. Elvis didn't like the new kitty at all. I thought he would get over the new cat, and now 4 months later, at least Elvis tolerates the new kitty. Our new kitty was so small when I brought it home. We looked online to check to see if it was a boy or girl. There was something about if  "it" looks like a comma or an exclamation point....I don't remember which went with which sex, but we thought we had a girl cat.

Lisa Marie, so named, because we wanted her to have a cute name that went with Elvis. "She" has become quite the little hunter and brings little gifts to us on occasion. "She" is very affectionate and sleeps on the back porch. The other day while we were holding "her" I noticed that the 'it' looked more male than female...and it looks like Lisa Marie is indeed in need of a name change....I guess we'll call her  L. M. one of my friends said I could call him The Colonel, after Elvis's manager...I think we'll stick to L.M.

I read a while back on The Pioneer Woman's blog that she had the same thing happen to her. She thought her new little kitty was a girl too...ah these boy cats....

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