Thursday, November 25, 2010

After Thanksgiving Dinner means it's time for...

Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving at Gam's and Pop's. I am behind the camera.

 After Thanksgiving Dinner it is time for the dreaded family Christmas card photo shoot. My family hates it, I do not. So, this year, to save on stressing them out...I told everyone to grab a denim jacket and maybe we would look sort of color coordinated. I said we would let Gam take our photos this year and not worry about the tripod and the timer... this year was the least stressful year of all...we do have some "jewels" but some turned out pretty good! Check us out!

 Here's one of our "not ready yet" photos.
 I like this one!
 And this one is pretty might be my favorite!
 But maybe this is the real winner...Shek is really being himself here!
 Here's Karl sporting Zach's hat! Shek is holding Jolie's photo!
Too Serious looking!
 Not as happy as the other photos..the natives are probably getting restless during the photo taking extravaganza!

 The one photo where Shek has the sweetest smile and the rest of us looked goofy so I cropped it to see his sweet smiling face up close!
 I can't make up my mind! Which one is the best?
 Here's me!
 I hope next year's photo session is this stress free...and next year we should have Jolie in on the action too! 
 Karl and Karlie
Sweet Karlie the hard part...picking one for the Christmas card!

Happy Thanksgiving...and Happy Christmas Card Photo Shooting to you!

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