Thursday, November 4, 2010

Least Favorite Day of The YEAR!

October 31st is my least favorite day of the year. I can't stand all the ghoul, evil, and devilish stuff it celebrates. What I hate most about it, is why I have to explain to other Christians why we do not partake in the Halloween festivities. "Aw, Martha, you mean you don't let your kids trick or treat? or dress up? It's all in fun!" Well if you call, celebrating and glorifying the devil, fun then you go right for me and my house we are serving the LORD!

Don't get me wrong, growing up, I loved Halloween, what kid wouldn't love a candy holiday, a candy party and dress up party at school...none the less...I even dressed as a witch in the 3rd grade...usually  my mom had me dressed as a gypsy or clown or something...and we trick or treated in the name of FUN! But after becoming a Christian, hanging up skeletons, witches and  vampire bats and such seemed to be opposite of what my life stands for...and as a teen...Halloween ceased being celebrated at my house.

Over the years, my hubby and I  have taken our kids to the "fall festivals" at church and our kids dressed up for fall festivals...but my kiddos did not put their candy in a Jack o lantern, nor did they make jack o lanterns for craft projects in school. The one year my oldest was in public school ( he's the outspoken one in the family) he simply raised his hand and said...I am not allowed to put a jack o lantern face on my pumpkin because we don't celebrate the devil....LOL so he had a plain pumpkin!

Several years ago, my children came up with a new tradition for Oct. 31. We simply go to the movies and out to eat and each child gets a bag of candy treats.This year we saw The Secretariat! It was a good clean even had one of our Choir tunes from celebration choir as part of the sound track! The movies are a great place to be on Oct 31 cause no one is there!

Many people like to give out tracts and flyers to visit their church to visiting trick-o-treaters, or go to a fall festival at a local church. That's all fine and good. Our family likes our own tradition that totally gets away from what has turned into a very evil celebration.

An old high school friend, now a pastor in Alabama, recently preached a sermon on this very topic, titled Hell's Holy Holiday. It's a free itunes download.

I recently listened to his sermon...which gave a detailed history of Halloween, and why as Christians we should not participate. I was amening the entire time I was listening. Celebrate this day with your family, but remember if it's not God-honoring run the other way.

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  1. Amen, I agree!! If it does not glorify God, why would you want to entertain yourself with it.


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