Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Karlie's birthday

Ni Hao Y'all

On Saturday we celebrated Karlie's birthday. She invited 2 friends for lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then some shopping time at the mall...the only "boy" allowed was dad cause he's the one that knows how to drive everywhere in the big city without flipping out like I do! LOL
                                          Karlie is on the left joined by 2 of her friends from church.
Karlie is a petite young lady. She hates it when people think she is much younger than she is.
Well, the waitress brought her two friends their drinks in regular glasses, and delivered hers in a kids' cup! 
She had the look of death and the waitress asked if the cup was too small. She quickly brought her a new glass.
 We couldn't wait to try some cheesecake! Karlie's was Chocolate turtle cheesecake.

                                            I had the redvelvet cheesecake...Oh.My.Stars!! Everyone
                                             had a different flavor and we even brought the boys one home
                                             to share!
                                          Waiting for the valet guy to bring back the truck, the girls
                                          did the famous charlie's angel pose.
                                              Happy early 15th Birthday to my sweet(Thanksgiving baby), Karlie girl! One
                                               day you're gonna love it when people think you are
                                                a lot younger than you really are!!!

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