Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today is my Karlie girl's birthday. I have been busy baking her chocolate birthday cake and also making the Evans' family pumpkin bars for Thanksgiving. I thought I would post the recipe and all of the photo steps to those delicious Thanksgiving treats. While I was downstairs with Honey downloading my photos, the phone rang, at first I didn't answer because it's usually Shek's friend calling him. No one answered so I decided everyone must be outside so I answered. It was for me and it was Josh from our agency. He said he had wonderful Thanksgiving news for us. He had received our LOA. We got it on day 65. I was shocked. I was not expecting it today. I had not even checked the email or the Rumor queen forum to see if anyone else had received theirs. He gave me instructions on what to do next so that I could get it back in the mail (fed-ex) to him on Friday. He said we should travel to get her in about 2 and 1/2 months.

I told Honey the news...and ran back upstairs to see where everyone was. Karl had gone to get the trashcans of all when I greeted him with the news he got emotional. After calling and texting everyone I could think of with the news...I asked if he was emotional and he said Yes! Turns out that this morning he specifically prayed to God "that it sure would be a nice Thanksgiving if that LOA would turn up today!" And when God answered his prayers just. like. that...he was very thankful and awed! God is good all the time.

Here's the kids spelling out LOA!
My kiddos loved bribe with pizza)
Here we are with a scanned copy of the LOA.We get the real one on Friday that we must sign and send back!

I will have to get around to posting that Pumpkin Bar recipe tomorrow! I have lots of homework-paperwork to get done!

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as we always do. We will always remember this one as a very special Thanksgiving, Karlie's birthday and  Jolie's LOA....Oh happy day!

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