Monday, November 8, 2010

A Homeseeker's Paradise

I was born in the historic river town of Natchez, Mississippi and lived there till I was almost 12 years old. I have written about my life in Natchez before...and there's more to say about that, but will have to do that in another post.

Today, I want to focus on the little small town where I grew up~Brookhaven. It is known as the Homeseeker's Paradise. It was a great place to grow up! I miss that small town feel..I miss how everyone knew everyone (believe it or not)...I miss the headlights shining on the boulevard on a weekend night when everyone dragged Brookway Blvd. Wonder if the youth still do that?

Here's the sign that you see in downtown as you approach the railroad tracks. I told you it was a home seekers paradise!

My first encounter with Brookhaven, was probably when I was a very little girl and we were visiting the area and happened into the little bakery called Janie's. It's still there today! I can smell that wonderful bakery smell as I type this!
 I snagged several photos from my fellow Brook-ite friends, Erin and Leanne. Hope they don't mind! lol

The day we moved to Brookhaven, I was riding in the car with Pop. We went to cross the railroad tracks. At that time there were 2 tracks in the center of town, not sure if Brookhaven is still a 2 track town. But, anyway,  on that very first day as a new resident, I heard the train coming, the crossing guards were down, the lights were flashing, but someone had decided to go around those railroad track barriers and then their car stalled. I was 'freaked' to say the least. The car finally got off the tracks in time! Having grown up in a railroad town, I am adamant about not trying to outrun the train...people are crazy to try! 

In Brookhaven, my family became actively involved in church for the first time in my life. Jesus saved me. I have fond memories of the First Baptist Church in Brookhaven. It was there that I found myself every time the doors were opened. It was there that I was baptized, and in the youth choir, and the youth handbell choir. It was  there that I found myself on that cold First Baptist Church bus driven by Daddy Lloyd almost every time it left the parking lot. It was there that I met my favorite Senior Citizen (not related to me) and still goes to church there(Mr. Moak). He even sang at my wedding! It was here that I was discipled my the best youth Sunday School teacher ever, Mary Beth! She sang at my wedding too! It was at FBC that I became "the babysitter" because I was always available.Several kids there that I babysat on a regular basis, Matt and Mary, Katie and several others, but those were my favorites.   It was here that Karl  and I were married by Brother Bob.  My home church probably has the most precious memories of all my Brookhaven memories.
The Steeple of FBC ( I snagged this photo from Leanne!)
I snapped this photo as we drove by last time we were in Brookhaven...

While in Brookahaven, I lived in an old house. I still love old houses.
This photo was taken on my last visit to the area. When we lived there, mom always planted impatiens flowers out front and used miracle grow on them...they were huge and beautiful. The yard was also full of camellia bushes, my mom's favorite...they had been planted by the previous owner. When we lived there our friends would "blow" the horn to speak as they rode past. We knew who they were by the way they blew their horn. Our house had two doors, but we only used the left door and it seemed to always be open..we had many visitors. I miss how people used to just drop one does that anymore.

I attended the Brookhaven Public Schools beginning for me in 7th grade at Lipsey Middle School. Mrs. Prater was my homeroom teacher, and she was awesome.  
I went to Brookhaven High School. We were known as the Panthers and our colors were Red and Blue. I was a band "nerd" back in the day.
Here's the front of the school. I parked my 1976 Mercury Marquis on the side of the school next to the grave yard near the band hall.  The car was new when I was in the 2nd grade...needless to say when she became mine I nicknamed her!She was Big Bertha...I had to command her to crank in the Name of Jesus many a day. Once she died right in front of the policeman directing traffic at the school. I would drive to school, but when I could go somewhere, my friend Tammye would drive because her car was newer and would not leave us

Brookhaven Depot....

Brookhaven was and is a great place to live and grow up. It really is a Homeseeker's Paradise! 

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