Friday, October 19, 2012

a brief visit

 Last weekend, Zach came home for a brief fall break. He had to head back to classes on Tuesday afternoon. He had a busy visit while he was here, visiting with friends, and voting, but we enjoyed our time with him. Jolie seems to think he's coming home tonight too, she misses her Zach. When he arrived home late last Friday, Jolie would not let him out of her sight.

My four kiddos...Jolie is all frowny-faced because she wants to play football and doesn't have time to take photos for her momma.
When I saw this photo, I just laughed out loud...she has her football stance.
 whooo..that was a close one. 
 Fun with big bro
The driveway is always full of kiddos playing ball when Zach comes home. Shek loves playing with Zach, and now Jolie enjoys getting into the scene...sometimes the rest of us join in and sometimes we just cheer.
 While he was home, he played and sang some of the songs he's working on at school. 
He grabbed his bro's guitar and played some Vince Gill... You know Vince Gill's "everybody's Sweetheart but mine" was Zach's lullaby when he was a baby. Anytime he would cry, I'd play that song and he'd hush just like magic, it would  finish, and he'd cry again...that was in the days of rewind the cassette, I work that tape out. Now he has it on his to love Vince Gill music.

Well, We all miss you Z...hurry back. Jolie thinks you're coming home tonight, but I told her not tonight. but not too too long.


  1. Its always great having your son coming home, isn't it? I'm glad you all had a great time!


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