Friday, October 26, 2012

Indian NIGHT...Konos Homeschool Style

Shek has been studying Indians at Konos Kids Co-op.  We happened to find some cute teepee cupcakes on Pinterest. AND when Shek saw them he said, "Please, Momma!" 
So We did

We made the cake batter and poured into sugar cones, and then baked them in the oven right side up. The trick is to stab holes in an aluminum pan and have them bake that way. Then clip off the ends, while hot so that pretzel sticks can be added to the top for a tee pee look.
We dipped the ends in melted chocolate, and rolled in green sugar, to seal and make the edges look like grass.
We also made one of our fall favorites, Trail mix with peanuts, chocolate candies, pretzels, bugals, and candy corn. Shek took it to join in the celebration where they tried other Native  American type foods. 
Shek in his 'Indian/native american attire'...
Shek and some of his native american friends from his class.
The group acted out a poem, Hiawatha 
Shek had fun with his classmates. I did not get to go, but Karl took him and they had fun. 

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