Saturday, October 20, 2012

Journey to China

 Last week,  an old friend of mine from our former church called to ask if I would come and share a little about China with the G.A. group at her church.  G.A.'S stands for girls in action and they were having a mission study on Friday night. China was the theme of their missions study she wanted me to share about our experiences, since our family had been there.
 SO I organized a few photos from the trip, scratched out a few notes. Karlie and I grabbed some special items we brought from China, and ONE very special item and headed out.
 We brought Jolie's silks, she didn't really want to put then on because she was hot, but she wore them for the little presentation. The GA leaders had really decorated everything nicely with Chinese items, and lanterns, and some teachers were even wearing Chinese silks too. 
 Jolie's been home almost two years, and I thought I had this talk ready to go, and what do you know,  but ole martha had to go and  get emotional...I can so do without that. BUT when I share about the road that got us to China...and how God used something 'bad' in our lives to lead to something totally awesome...well, leave it to me to squall. I finally got past the emotional parts, and pressed on. Just flash a photo on the big screen  of a squatty potty and explain what it is to a group of elementary girls and well, tears fade away. Also, the girls were full of questions and very interested in our journey to Jolie. She was quite talkative with them when it was over, and even opened her mouth wide to show them her repaired palate, I totally was not expecting her to do that, but she did. I told her that the girls loved seeing her beautiful mouth. 
It was a pleasure to share our journey to china and back. I just wish all Christian parents would go. 
James 1:27

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