Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you ready?

This past weekend, my AdvoCare friends and I headed to a Ladies Weekend. We had  lots of fun.
Dinner with friends
Enjoying the conference...
Dr. Judith Smith from AdvoCare Science-Med Board shares about the products. AdvoCare products are good for disease prevention.
This is a chart of the countries and their percentage of obesity. America is the leader in obesity.
Products great for cognitive health.
More Advo friends
One of our leaders, Tonja, sharing a recipe for success.

The theme of our conference was Radiant. One of the leaders, Wess, shared what  Radiant means to her.
It's great to have friends on your team. Glad Carla and Melissa are on mine.

We walked away from the Ladies weekend full of knowledge and encouragement. We are all excited that we have a tool to not only help us look feel and perform better, but we also have a tool for a plan b income, or even plan A.
So are you ready, to look, feel, and perform better? I've got something that will help with that.

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