Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little fall fashion

My girl is into  the fashion. I do believe she could be a host on what not to wear? I can tell ya hey, don't wear that, but she can actually put something together that will make you look good and accentuate your positives. ME, I just simply say, "Man! Those people need a full length mirror!" or is that a comment that I hear my  Honey say all the time. LOL

This past Sunday evening she was in the fall fashion show with the other Pure Fashion girls. They are all about being hip and cute, and as Karlie likes to say, "without hanging it all out!"

So I took my camera, and would you believe, I didn't get great photos, I am hoping to snag some off the purefashion facebook page.

This is the outfit she modeled. The first fashion show is fall fashions from your own closet. This was her choice and it made all the modesty guidelines.
This is Ale. She is one of the consecrated and she's in charge of purefashion.  We all love her. 
Pure Fashion is a faith based group for young girls teaching modesty and closeness to Christ, servant spirit. It is run by the Catholic church, but they allow other faiths to join in. It's great to see all different faiths coming together.  This year, Karlie is not the only Baptist. We all have JEsus in common!

At least I got her on  the way back up the runway.

I made her pose for me after it was all over.  There was also a drawing for a 50 dollar visa gift card. They called out MY ticket number and I won. I am saving it with my bday money for a treadmill. 

We had fun watching all of the girls in their fashions, but my girl was my favorite!

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