Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I wanna rose on mine...UPDATED

Today is my birthday, but we celebrated with the family birthday party this past weekend. On  Saturday when my mom walked in with a birthday cake box. I was excited to see a cake with red roses. Thoughts of past childhood birthdays came to mine. If I was to have a store bought cake when I was a girl my request was always a white cake with red rose icing. Mom and Honey always said Red food coloring is bitter tasting, but that's what I always requested.

I went downstairs to look through Honey's photos to find some of my old birthday photos. Her photo albums pretty much is a photographic history of all of the family's lives. I was looking for several birthday photos with  past cakes with the red roses, but I couldn't find all of the ones that I was thinking of. Honey said that my mom must have the others. .The one I really wanted to post was the one of me standing in a chair playing a toy guitar...
Well, Zach had to get it from somebody didn't, he?

Honey made me a layer cake one year, I remember thinking that it was pretty fancy to have a layer cake(She recently gave me the pans that create this layer cake)...count the candles...I was 4 in this photo.

The love for red rose on the cake started early.

Red rose cake...love it

The guitar birthday photo has been located.
Birthday party at 'the woods' with red rose icing...
Here I am with Ready the beagle...the best dog of my childhood...she was Lovey's hunting dog, but I taught her tricks, and we were the best of pals. Count the candles 11. Most of my birthday cakes photos were taken at Honeys. This was the last birthday cake while we still lived in Natchez, by my next birthday, we had moved 60 miles away.

If it's a piece of birthday cake you're giving me, cut me an end piece with a red rose on top, and pass the Carb-Ease Please!

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