Tuesday, November 27, 2012

play dough

During our recent Thanksgiving Break, it's always my task to get up the decorations so that they're up and done with, and we can sit back and enjoy the Thanksgiving break with all the Decor done. BUT in the middle of all of the decoration boxes, and chaos, Baby Girl, wanted to make play dough. She loves play dough, it's her favorite toy in the world. AND wants me to purchase Kool-aid everytime we are in the store so that she can have some scented playdough.

She had to have us completely stop what we were doing to make the play dough, and I thought it might keep her occupied during my decoration mess. BUT I didn't have any of the magic ingredient, Kool-aid. Karlie had recently found a recipe for Jello playdough, so we thought we would give it a try. We had jello and the rest of the ingredients so we tried it out.

 I love my cookbook, the computer...
 mix the ingredients.
 add salt.

 Yep, you can add the jello.
 Stir it up
 Cook it up till it firms up 

Let it cool for 30 mins...

This jello playdough, smelled nice and had a great color, but it seemed to stick to us and make a mess. I might try it one more time, before totally giving up on the jello version of the recipe. I do like the vivid color it makes the dough. BUT we don't like how it sticks to us.

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