Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seventeen Candles

 Karlie's birthday is the last birthday celebration  of the year. The last birthday celebration, that is, before we celebrate Jesus's birthday. We ordered her cake from publix and her name was spelled wrong,  the R  was left out. The baker on hand tried to fix it, but it really looked worse....oh well, it still tasted good.

 And in spite of a misspelled name on a cake, Karlie said that this was her best birthday yet. I have always been partial to seventeen too, because after all, I am still 17.
 Some little body was impatient for cake and ice cream...and decided to make her own party hat.
 Karlie loved the Eiffel tower for her Paris room that Gam and Pop gave her.
 And the monogram that they  made will look awesome on her wall.
 She loved the jewelry from Caylene...and the money from Honey, Gam, Pop and Granddaddy Wayne.
 She was expecting the Naked Palate of Eyeshadow, but she was not expecting the Iphone. It was a last minute add on from Dear ole Dad. And when she opened it up, it looked just like Zach's and she thought we had wrapped his up for a joke. It does sound like something we would do. Just ask Zach about the Guitar pedal photo that he got for Christamas one year. It  had a note attached saying from Santa, but it was scribbled so quickly that it looked like it said from Satan....Oh how, he's not let us forget that typo. Oh well, I digress.
It was a great Birthday Celebration with the family ...Jolie just says, 
"Show me the Cake!"

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