Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fan Pack Jack Pot

Last year, Shek and I did unit study on of all things Baseball. One of the activities was to write various Baseball teams and request a fan pack. I was excited to find an activity that he was all in about doing. He learned to write and address letters, and he also learned to politely ask for a fan pack.Who would have thought that a year later, he's still writing those fan pack letters. Every day he makes a mad dash to the mailbox and usually once or twice a week he receives a little something from some team. He has since branched out to ask all kinds of major sports teams. He recently started asking hockey teams. AND this week he hit the jack pot.

He rushed to check the mail, and when he panted into the house to show me I knew that this must be something special. He was out of breath, and couldn't get the envelope open. Finally, we got a small whole in the side of the envelope and he peered inside. 

"I knew it, I could feel a puck inside!" He exclaimed.

He received a sticker, a poster, a photograph, and a PUCK! I am sure this jackpot of a fan pack will continue his drive to write asking for fanpacks. Wonder who he will write next.

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