Thursday, October 17, 2013

A DAY of adventures

Yesterday was a busy day or maybe it was just an adventure.

Karl decided to take the kiddos to school for me so that I could spend a few extra minutes with Z and E before they headed back to college. BUT the truck decided to stop on the way to school...I had to go to meet him on the side of the road, to get the kids and get them to school. So Z and E ended up babysitting Jolie while I made a mad dash to grab the kids. (The kids were about 15 mins from school, but I was about 40 mins away from them. They were 30 mins. late. The girls were worried about being late the boys thought it was an adventure.

 I came back to sit with Karl and wait for the tow truck. The tow truck driver was lost. We were praying it was not the transmission, and for a cheap fix. When the tow truck arrived, so did a girl out of no where wanting a ride, and to hide behind our truck that was about to be loaded on the truck. She wanted me to take her to her brother's house, she didn't know the address for that. He texted it to her. I was afraid she was up to no good. AND I didn't know what she might have in that purse. So we told her we were sorry we could not help her, after all we were having car trouble and had to go with the tow truck. Yesterday, was adventurous.

 Praise the Lord, it was  a busted hose, and Praise the Lord, Karl was the one the truck died with. He knows how to handle situations like that better than me. We thanked the Lord for the favor, and we know that delays are sometimes just what we need.

That was the first time I've watched that big red titan ride off on a tow truck. I've seen all the others ride away on a tow truck but not the titan. The titan has had it's bumps over it's 160k lifetime but never has it left us on the side of the road. It's been hit at a red light by a run away trailer, it's had a door almost ripped off at a oil change, but it's never left us on the road....but I guess that's ok for it to do it once in all these years and  miles....moral of the story. Get a Nissan.

Later that day...
 Zach and Emily left for college....and we headed to the doctor for Jolie's 4 year checkup...

Jolie turned 4 back in the summer, but I forgot to schedule the checkup. We finally got around to it yesterday. Jolie wanted everyone to go and hold her hand. She especially wanted Daddy to go. He rarely gets to go to her doctor appointments, but with the whole truck towing escapade he took the day off and was already at home and available. so he went with us. This photo was taken after the finger prick. She had already had to give a urine sample. She was offended when the finger prick happened. AND yesterday she needed 4 shots. Yikes. She was very upset....but then before it was all over, and Dr. J. had listened to her heart. She asked for a Doctor kit for Christmas.

We made it home, and I made a mental note of a doctor kit for Christmas.

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  1. Yall are such a sweet family! I love little Jolie, she is so precious!


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