Friday, October 11, 2013

Who You Are...A Fashion Show---Favorite Photo Friday

Every fall, the kids' school (Konos Academy, a home school academy) has a talent show. It's a fundraiser for the sports program. This year Karlie did a fashion show with two of her friends.

Isabella, Karlie and Victoria pose before the talent show begins.
The girls with their friend Ruth, the photobomber.

Using the music from the popular video, who you are, a message to women,  the girls did a fashion show. They walked across the stage wearing their cute outfits while the words of affirmation played with the music.

Then each girl took a turn caring a card with a scripture verse as they walked across the stage. I snapped their photos after the fashion show.

 At the end they turned their cards around to the words, beautiful, treasured, and cherished. I thought it was a very moving way to do a fashion show. The message of the song is one all women need to hear, daily if need be. Here's a youtube link to their fashion show response.

Today, because I am excited about the message these girls shared with their school, I am participating in Lisa's favorite photo Friday...
the long road

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