Monday, October 21, 2013

Woodworking with Pop

Shek has a project that he needed to complete for his school's market day. His idea required a little woodworking. So, that was a project that required a day at Gam and Pop's. Today, after they completed their morning jog at their church's walk track, they dropped by and picked him up. He spent the day making wood creations to sale at his school's market day. I picked him up late in the afternoon today, we snapped a few photos.

Pop and Shek in Pop's Shop.
Jolie wanted in on the photo taking.
These are the bowls that pop makes. They are everywhere in the house. Gam and Pop let us pick out a couple to bring home. These are truly art pieces. Shek's project for the day, is a secret. So no post of it until after the market day.
Gam and Karlie pose for a photo after Karlie "shops" for her wooden bowl.
Jolie said take my picture with my coloring book that Gam gave me.

Shek had a fun day at woodworking class at the grands home. He can't wait till the next class.

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