Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music in my Soul

There's Music in my soul....and I've just gotta get it out.

Sometimes...the way I get that music out, is in the car singing with the radio. Sometimes, I try to pause the expression of the joy in my soul at the redlight, but more times than not, I just carry on. You should try it too.
Sing, it's good for the soul.
When I was a very little girl, and we'd find ourselves at family gatherings at my Great Grands home, there would be singing with everyone around the piano, singing in 4 part harmony. Awesome memories were those. There's a lot of music in my roots. 
This past Christmas, when Zach wanted us to sing around the piano, it brought those sweet memories back. My Great-Papa Creel was a bi-vocational music minister. He died when I was nine so, I don't have a lot of the family musical memories like the generation ahead of me had, but I do remember.
He wrote a few hymns, and they were published. He learned to read music from the shaped notes (do-re-me). He was particular about music and often said, "If you can't do it right, leave it off."
Oh how I wish everyone would take that piece of advice.
Joyful noises are fine and good, but I think joyful noises should be more of a private thing and not necessarily displayed in a solo type thing...
An old family photo. My musician Papa Creel stands in the back.

Papa also liked his music a little on the jivey side. ME too, I love music with a good beat. BUT I am also partial to music that has a good message. The lyrics, they need to be special.
Sometimes, today's music gets one little line and it's gets sung over and over. Give me something with meaning.
The very first hymn I learned was Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, and my grandmother, Honey taught it to me.
Call me old fashioned, but I do love a hymn. It's nice to just pluck out a melody out of the hymn book and sing to the top of your lungs. 

There's music in my soul, it's part of my roots....and sometimes it's just got to come out. I love reading music. I miss it when we don't use the hymnals at church anymore. I love to see the music on the page, and see which note is next. There's just something about the language of music on the written page. 
But whether reading the music on the page or singing with the radio, my family and I just have to get it out, we have to have music. So if you see us at the redlight having our own private concert...you will know what we're doing.
We are getting that music out...it runs deep in our soul.

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