Thursday, October 31, 2013

The new guy

We've added a new member to the family. Meet Leo.
Here's Leo with the kids and Em.
Our friend Morgan found him as a stray at UGA. When she first found him she said you could count his ribs. She took care of him for awhile and got him healthy and in a routine. Since she is a college student living in a condo, she wanted to find Leo a new home. I know she misses him, he is such a sweetie.
We just love him, and even Em, our  10 year old shih tzu tolerates a new doggie brother.
Leo seems to be adjusting well to his new family...and he is happy being a lap dog. 
The kids and Karl have been wanting a BIG dog for a long time. I even saw my hubby, kiss Leo on the head. He has never kissed any of our other dogs on the head before.
Leo is much loved and we're glad he has found his way into our heart and home.

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