Tuesday, January 7, 2014

If anyone asks, It's cold outside!

Back when I was in college at Mississippi State, my roommate and I used to joke when the weather was cold, and say "It's like 1 degree out here." It never was 1 degree, but we always exaggerated how cold it felt to walk from our dorm all the way across campus in the  freezing cold. In fact, I don't think I have ever experienced 1 degree in my southern lived life. Not even in China when it snowed at the great wall while we were there, was it 1 degree. It was cold though don't get me wrong. I did experience some drastic wind chills back in 1993 when a blizzard came to atlanta. Yes a blizzard! That was a first to me, I had never experienced that much snow in one time EVER, and have not since. I am a hot blooded southerner for sure.

Now, we are experiencing a Polar Vortex, or something, I'd rather it be The Polar Express and at least someone would come singing about hot chocolate and serve me some. My oldest boy, has experienced a real 1 degree this week. He also attends the ONLY school in Nashville that did not close school. Even all of the public.private schools in my area have shut down, it' s cold, people! And we southern people can't handle this kind of new habitat. It's so cold that everyone has decided to post photos of their temperature  from their phone. I posted photos of summertime instead,. Cause I am ready for it. Laugh. Out. Loud!

Not only did my oldest boy have the only school in the territory to keep classes in, but my two middle kids' homeschool academy did as well. I guess it's all good, there's no ice on the road, and my car doors were not frozen shut (only because it was in the garage)...and it doesn't run on diesel, so there's no worries aboutthe fuel turning to GEL. However, the condensation pipe on my parents' heater froze up stopping their heat for several hours, and ours was well on the way too, until, Karl got out there with my heat gun (from my crafting days) and heated up the pipe....hey we have got to stay warm....

So while we wait for this polar, arctic freeze wave to pass, we'll just stay warm the best way we can, or try to for heaven's sake.
 I do believe that Em has discovered that Leo is a good source of warmth.

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